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black and white cat

Although tuxedo cats are best known for their distinct markings—they’re always dressed to the nines like tiny, little gentlemen!—there’s much more to appreciate about these beautiful, intelligent and loving feline friends.

Whether you already own a tuxie or are considering adopting one, you’ll love these fun facts about the kitties who are all dressed up with nowhere to go. 

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    Tuxedo Cats Aren’t All Black and White

    Two tuxedo cats on bed

    Genetically, tuxedo cats are considered piebald or bi-colored, which simply means they have irregular patches of coloring. While it’s common to see tuxedo cats with black and white markings on their chins, chests, stomachs, and feet, their coloring can vary as much as their patterns.

    For example, these kitties, Dexter (left) and Figaro (right), are both tuxedos, despite their major differences in coloring.

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    Their Pattern Isn’t Specific to Any Breed

    Confused tuxedo kitten

    The tuxedo pattern is actually extremely common and isn’t specific to any one breed of cat. Tuxedo markings can appear on all kinds of kitties, including the Cornish Rex, Persians, Maine Coons, and American shorthairs. 

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    Tuxedo Cats Can Be Male or Female

    Three tuxedo cats

    Despite their dapper, gentlemanly appearance, tuxedo cats can be male or female. Those female tuxedo cats would make Marlene Dietrich, famed tuxedo-donning actress, proud.

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    Tuxedo Kittens Develop Quickly

    Two tuxedo kittens in a basket

    Normally, kittens will begin to open their eyes one to two weeks after birth. But tuxedo kittens open their eyes a whopping 24 hours before any other kind of cat.

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    Tuxedo Cats Are Super Lovable

    Tuxeo cat raising it's hind leg

    Tuxedo cats are known for their loving, good nature, as well as their ability to get along with lots of other animals in the house (child, dog or otherwise!). In fact, many people refer to them as “dog-like” because they love to cuddle and stick by their humans’ sides.  

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    Tuxedo Cats May Be the Smartest Cats

    Tuxeo cat up against the camera

    Some say that tuxedo cats are up to 200 percent more intelligent than any other kind of cat. Maybe that’s why they have such a famed spot in history.

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    The Egyptians Loved Tuxedo Cats

    Tuxedo cat with three spots on its nose

    We all know cats were considered sacred in ancient Egyptian culture and often appeared in Egyptian hieroglyphics, pottery, goldsmithing, and tombs. But did you know a whopping 70 percent of the cats depicted in Egyptian royal tombs were tuxedo cats? 

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    History and Pop Culture Love Tuxedo Cats, Too

    Tuxedo cat poking out of a box

    Tuxedo cats were also the favorite feline of some pretty influential historical figures, including William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Beethoven, and former United States president Bill Clinton.

    Not to mention, a few famous cats in pop culture—Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Mr. Mistoffelees from the Broadway show Cats and the Cat in the Hat of Dr. Seuss fame—were all tuxedos.

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    Tuxedo Cats May Be the Richest Cats

    Tuxedo cat lounging on a table

    Thanks to one tuxedo cat named Sparky, tuxedo cats just might be the richest of all kitty kind. How? In 1998, he was left $6.3 million in inheritance! Just imagine how much catnip that kind of cash could buy. 

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    They May Also Be the Greatest Feline Political Leaders

    Close up of a tuxedo cat

    In 2012, a tuxedo cat named Tuxedo Stan ran for mayor of Halifax, Canada, representing the Tuxedo Party. His major platforms during the election? As mayor, he wanted to finally solve Halifax’s ongoing stray cat problems. He also hosted a city-sponsored spay, neuter and general cat care program to better help Halifax’s feline residents.

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    Tuxedo Cats Could Have Magic Powers… Maybe

    Tuxedo cat cuddled up on leather couch

    Because of their coloring and irregular patterns, it’s said that tuxedo cats can disappear on the vernal or diurnal equinox. Clearly, the only explanation is that they have magic powers! 

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    Tuxedo Cats Can Go Where No Kitty Has Gone Before

    Tuxedo cat on top of scratching post

    Only one cat has ever climbed all the way to the top of Mount Everest (with the help of his human, of course): A tuxedo cat named Roderick. There are rumors that NASA plans to make a tuxedo cat the first pet on the moon, too! 

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    Tuxedo Cats Have Been Dubbed War Heroes

    Close up of tuxedo cat's face

    Following World War II, a tuxedo cat named Simon was awarded a medal by military officers. Why? He aided in the war effort by protecting soldier’s food from pests like mice and insects. We salute you, Simon!

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